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Prairie Smoke (Geum triflorum) in flower
Fall scene in the shipping yard and rustic office
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Can't stop, won't stop growing.

We Grow Landscape Solutions.


Ground Covers Unlimited is a wholesale ​nursery dedicated to growing high quality ornamental and native plants that perform, in order to reduce landscape maintenance costs.


Since 1979, we have grown to service a network of valued customers across Canada and the eastern United States from our Bethany, Ontario location. We look forward to hearing from new and returning customers, and evolving with the Green for Life movement.

New Plants For Great Landscapes

Added Services


Although we specialize in propagation, we offer additional business solutions to help you service your landscape customers or your bottom line:


  • Delivery and Custom Freight Services

  • Contract Growing

  • Custom Colour Tags for Retail

  • Landscape Design Advice

  • Ecological Restoration Advice

  • Soils Advice

  • Refunds on our Trays and Pots

Request acces to our wholesale member area to see our full catalogue, price list and other industry resources.


Quick Contact:

Ted or Sandy Spearing

Office: 705-277-3005

Sandy's Cell: 705-340-1034

Wholesale email inquiries (home gardeners see retail outlets or contact page for more information):

Professional Members of:

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What's Happening at Ground Covers
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Looking for work in the horticulture industry?

We are looking to hire several full-time Horticultural Nursery Staff for Spring 2022. Do you or someone you know want or have experience in landscaping, agriculture or ecological restoration? Live in or go to school in the Kawartha Lakes, Durham or Peterborough Area? Please check out our Careers Page for more information and send your CV in if you are interested in this fast-paced, hands-on work environment.


Want to get immediate availabilities on our best crops?


As a wholesale buyer or landscaper in the busy season, you need quick ideas and guaranteed availabilities. We've got a camera and when a good crop is sitting, mature and beautiful, ready to be planted up or out, we'll let you know! Sign up for our best-friends only e-blast (we're aiming for a monthly update on plants at great value and size).
You can sign-up here through the wholesale access section.

Canadian Nursery Landscape Association Professional Member

More Locally Grown Native Species!


We are experimenting with more native wildflowers and challenging woodland ephemerals grown from a diversity of Southern Ontario seed sources. No volume discounts are offered at this time until we can reliably provide sufficient numbers. Despite their stature, some require 2–4 years in production to fill a 4" / 10 cm pot. We welcome feedback on their use, landscape success and retail demand. 

Ground covers solution for dry shade, under mature Norway Maple

Matching Right Plant to Right Site


The right plant in the right place will perform its best. This involves understanding the site conditions and sometimes more than just light and moisture. We can give you advice on challenging site conditions, just give us a call. Or keep a copy of our suggested landscape solutions nearby when designing.


We also have a handy spacing chart that can be used to calculate the number of plants needed for a given area manually or with CAD software, expected to give 80-90% coverage in two growing seasons. 

Great horticultural careers start here, greenhouse work, perennial nursery

"Best Of" Ground Covers Catalogue Archive!


We have always aimed to educate and entertain with our annual nursery catalogue and letter. If you want to get a sense of our business and its evolution, we've uploaded the last decades' worth so everyone can enjoy them. There's also some musings and professional links in there too.

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